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The Self-Aware Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The Self-Aware Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Introducing "The Self-Aware Emotionally Intelligent Leader", a programme designed to unlock the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence in leadership.

Transform your Leadership with Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Through this programme, you will discover how developing deep self-awareness and mastering your emotions can elevate your leadership style, inspire your team, and drive unparalleled success.

Why It's Crucial

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of effective leadership. It enables leaders to connect, adapt, and inspire in ways that traditional leadership skills alone cannot. Join us to embark on a journey of personal growth and professional excellence.

This programme is crafted to provide leaders with the insights and tools necessary to harness emotional intelligence for enhanced leadership capability, fostering environments where leaders and their teams thrive.


A blend of expert-led discussions, practical exercises, reflective sessions, and peer feedback, offered in both virtual and in-person formats.


Tailored to organisational needs, with options ranging from half or one-day workshops to comprehensive multi-day sessions.


6 to 12 participants. Larger groups can be catered for – contact us with more details of your request.

*If your group is larger, please contact us with details of your request.

Programme Overview: Elevate Your Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

This immersive workshop will enhance leaders’ self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Participants will delve into understanding and managing their emotions, recognising their impact on others, and harnessing emotional intelligence to inspire and guide their teams more effectively.

Target Audience: Leaders at all levels who seek to deepen their Emotional Intelligence for improved leadership effectiveness.

Outcomes and Benefits


Heightened self-awareness and understanding of personal emotional triggers.


Enhanced ability to lead with empathy and understanding.


Improved leadership effectiveness through the application of Emotional Intelligence principles.


Stronger, more cohesive teams built on trust and mutual respect.


A personalised action plan for ongoing Emotional Intelligence and leadership development.

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Learning Objectives

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Develop a profound understanding of self-awareness and its significance in leadership.

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Master emotional regulation to maintain clarity and focus under pressure.

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Cultivate empathy to connect with and motivate team members effectively.

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Apply emotional intelligence to decision-making and conflict resolution.

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Implement strategies for continuous emotional intelligence growth and leadership development.

Programme Content

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In-depth exploration of Emotional Intelligence foundations and their application in leadership.

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Exercises to enhance self-awareness, including tools such as the Johari Window.

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Strategies for building and maintaining high levels of team trust and cohesion.

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Techniques for effective feedback and communication to foster a positive team environment.

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Action planning for integrating emotional intelligence into daily leadership practices.

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Ready to harness the power of emotional intelligence for leadership success? Learn how “The Self-Aware Emotionally Intelligent Leader” workshop can help you become the leader your team needs.