Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Compass Partnership International from other leadership and development consultancies?

At Compass Partnership International, we are defined by our pioneering approach to learning and development and our unwavering commitment to transformative change. Our programmes are rooted in experiential learning and tailored to align leaders and teams towards shared goals. Our spirit of curiosity and our focus on people before processes set us apart.

What types of programmes do you offer?

We offer a range of programmes focused on Team Transformation, Individual Impact, and Leadership Excellence. Each programme is custom designed to address specific needs, foster growth, and drive performance at individual, team, and organisational levels.

How are your programmes delivered?

Our programmes are delivered through a blend of experiential learning, one-on-one coaching, strategic workshops, and innovative development strategies. Delivery methods are chosen based on your unique needs and preferences, ensuring an impactful and transformative experience.

Can programmes be tailored to specific industries or organisational sizes?

Absolutely. We understand that each organisation has its unique culture, challenges, and objectives. Our experts are adept at crafting bespoke solutions that resonate with your specific industry requirements and organisational nuances, regardless of size.

What is the typical duration of a programme?

Programme durations vary based on scope, objectives, and depth of engagement required. After an initial consultation and needs assessment, we will propose a timeline that ensures comprehensive coverage and optimal impact.

How do you measure the success of your programmes?

Success measurement is integral to our approach. We establish clear, measurable goals at the outset and employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methods to track progress, gauge engagement, and assess impact throughout the programme duration and beyond.

Are your programmes compatible with remote or hybrid work environments?

Yes, our programmes are designed to be flexible and adaptable to various working arrangements. We leverage technology and innovative delivery methods to ensure that remote and hybrid teams receive the same level of engagement and impact as in-person participants.

How can I get started with Compass Partnership International?

Starting your journey with us is simple. Reach out via our contact page, and our team will schedule an initial discovery call to understand your needs, discuss your goals, and outline how we can support your path to transformation.

What support is available after a programme's completion?

Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the programme’s conclusion. We offer post-programme support, follow-up sessions, and continuous learning resources to ensure sustained impact and ongoing development.

How quickly can I schedule a workshop with Compass Partnership International?

Because our core programmes are developed and ready to go, we can typically implement these on a short turnaround of 3-4 weeks, depending on facilitator availability. Bespoke Programmes do require a little more time; however, if you have an urgent request, be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will endeavour to meet your deadlines where possible!

How much does a workshop or programme cost?

Each core programme has an indicative investment cost, which can be found within the programme details. However, the final cost depends on factors like the number of participants and how the programme is delivered. We’re transparent about pricing and will discuss it openly with you. For bespoke programmes, prices start at £XXX and can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote based on your needs.

How does Compass Partnership International address varying levels of expertise within our organisation during training?

We excel at tailoring our sessions to maximise engagement and value for everyone involved, regardless of their level of experience. Our approach ensures that each participant, from novices to seasoned professionals, gains insights and skills relevant to their individual journey.

What is Compass Partnership International's approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion?

We are deeply committed to creating inclusive and accessible learning environments. Our programmes are continuously refined to accommodate diverse audiences, acknowledging, and respecting different learning styles and perspectives. We tailor our sessions to meet the specific needs and preferences of each participant, fostering a supportive atmosphere for growth and development.

Do you provide one-to-one sessions?

Absolutely! We offer personalised coaching packages tailored to individual needs or team dynamics, ensuring a highly customised and impactful learning experience. See more in our ‘Bespoke Programmes’.

How can I stay informed about the latest insights and offerings from Compass Partnership International?

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on our social media channels, or regularly visit our blog and insights section for the latest updates, thought leadership articles, and information on our programmes and services.

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