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Team Brand DNA – Unleashing the power of your team

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Team Brand DNA – Unleashing the power of your team


With a surge in global operations, our client recognised the opportunity to equip their finance organisation to guide business transformations and secure future success. This involved the need for a strong team identity and strategic positioning. Our client commissioned Compass to tailor our Team Brand programme for the team as a result of our track record of successful, tangible team development programmes within the biomedical and related sectors.

40BN turnover
global biopharma company


Through the design and delivery of our targeted 12-week programme, we facilitated the creation of the team’s unique Team Brand DNA through customised surveys and the development of narrative definitions of the various components of their Team Brand. This approach aligned the team around shared values, principles, and goals, culminating in a robust Team Brand DNA framework developed through the collaborative workshops.


The programme delivered a complete and fully detailed Team Brand DNA framework that allowed the whole team to articulate and express the essence of who they are and how they add value. By precisely defining their roles, capabilities, and achievements, they rapidly built an impressive team reputation among internal and external stakeholders. Team understanding and self-confidence bloomed as a direct result.
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Client Testimonial

“My personal objective of showing up as me was met and I left comfortable that I will use this skill moving forward. I learned that prepping for a presentation is more about how I want to show up than the material being presented.”

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